Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well it's all coming to a close and the cows will be dried off by tomorrow. Heifers coming home today so that means more time to STAMP!! You can't ask for more than that, by the beginning of next week all will be much more quiet for a couple of months before it starts all over again.

Here is a picture of a Spinner card which I did on Crafters Anonymous last week, was the first time I have made one of these.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What do you do.......

I know what you are all thinking WOW Yvonne sure has been doing some blogging over the past few days, and two posts in one day as well. Well I just had to take a photo of our cat Smokey, he is 7 1/5 mths old and the most placid cat you could get (that's when he isn't psycho).

BUT what do you do when you can't find anywhere to sleep, even there is a whole house to sleep in? You sleep in a basket that's what you do. I'm not sure what the fascination with the basket or for that matter my crafting space but whenever I'm crafting Smokey is somewhere very close. It's either in the table, climbing my chair, playing with the ribbon (or my feet) etc, etc.

Mother's Day

Here are what we did in class today with the fabulous ladies who attend my class at the Babtist church every month. Usually we do 3 cards but because mother's day is not far away we made a basket out of the envelope die and an inlaid embossed card. They all loved this class and next month we have decided to do masculine cards.